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Our LocationMunicipality of Ilog


In 1950, the spiritual administration of the southern parishes of Negros Occidental was transferred from Recollect Missionaries, who served the mission field for more than fifty years, the Columban Missionaries of the Society of St. Columban (SSC).

The Columban missionaries were assigned to the various parishes, one of which was at the St. John the Baptist Parish, Ilog, Negros occidental. In their evangelistic crusade, the Columban missionaries established schools, usually built beside the parish convent for their apostolate work.

The vision-mission of these schools provides a solid and well-rounded education which is the harmonious blending of moral, intellectual, social and physical capacities of the individual. Religious instructions based on Catholic doctrines were given to the students to complement their academic and extra-curricular activities.

In 1959, Reverend Father Thomas Geraghty, along with Reverend Father Brendan O’Connell, worked hard to establish a Catholic School in Ilog. The permit to operate was granted by the Ministry of education to open the first year classes.

Classes were conducted in the classrooms constructed on the lots donated by the family of ex-Mayor Lauro Tagamolila and the family of Dominador Ponce, Sr. Succeeding years were opened, thereafter and the final recognition to operate a complete secondary course was given in 1964. On the same year, the first batch of graduates walked on stage and received their diploma.

The school directorship shifted hands whoever was assigned as parish priest. The pioneering parish priest who served as school director included Reverend Father Thomas Geraghty, Reverend Father Brendan O’Connell, Reverend Father Robert Burke, Reverend Fasther Michael Geohegan, Reverend Father Jeremiah O’Connor, Reverend Father Michael McShane, Reverend Father Thomas shaunessey, Reverend Father Paul Richardson, Reverend Father Patrick Hynes, Reverend Father John Doohan, Reverend Father William Heifferman and Reverend Father McNaughton.

The first school principal was Nenita Javellana (1960-1961), She was followed by Teresita Antonio (1961-1962), Mercedes Damian (1962-1966), Manuela Tia (1966-1975), Angelina Pico (1975-1976), Susanita R. Libo-on (1976-2008), Melanie C. Paglomuta (2008 – 2011), Angeles Gustilo (2011 – 2013). The present Principal is Mamerto O. Calderon who started serving the school in 2013.

In 1978, Diocesan priest came to integrate with the Columban Missionaries in the South. Among those who had been assigned to Ilog were Rev. Fr. Jose Ma. Cadungon, Rev. Fr. Tranguilino Nacional, Rev. Fr. Alilano Antenero, Rev. Fr. Custodio Ananoria, Rev. Fr. Ramon Florete, Rev. Fr. Vincent Chua, Rev. Fr. Ramon Olam, Rev. Fr. Richard L. Lachica is the present parish priest and school Director.

During these years, renovations were done in the library, the stage, and the three classrooms. Kindergarten school was established. Water system was installed as facilitated by the alumni association. Basketball court was put in place and one big classroom was annexed to the science laboratory.

In 1984, the Columban mission  ended and the administration of the parishes was finally turned over to the diocesan clergy. More improvements were made sometime in 2008 for better facilities.

Renovations were made in the TLE building with complete facilities, offices of the principal and the cashier, science laboratory room with additional science apparatus with donated tables by the alumni association and students’ comfort rooms.

A two-room kindergarten building was constructed. An air-conditioned computer room equipped with 25-units PC was installed. Additional PC units were available in the principal’s office, cashier’s office and faculty room with internet access for educational purposes. ICHS is a WiFi Area.

At present a new administrative building was constructed and a 2 classroom intended to cater the Senior High School Students. To provide safety and security to the students, the school perimeter fence is undergoing construction initiated by the alumni association.

After fifty years of providing excellent education and moral formation, ICHS moves on to the next fifty years.